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Experience.Customer support.

International telemarketing with an emphasis on 
technical knowledge and dissemination.

Om os

About Delamar

Our background

Delamar is a Danish call center with Asian roots. We are characterized by only using experienced mature people who live around the world - typically away from our motherland.

But our maturity means that we all just want to have an everyday life that functions. Good mood and having fun at the same time is key to a sensible working day where we can live as we want - and where we want!

Delamar is a company where experience is paramount. Our least experienced Employee only has 5 years of telemarketing experience and aside from, making good appointments, we also understand how to spar with the customer so that we not only become a supplier of appointments, but at the same time purposefully pursue a future for our customer and thus ourselves.

Since his teenage years, CEO Henrik Nielsen has worked with telemarketing both on a Danish and international level. He is now 55 years old and thus has over 40 years of experience in ensuring customers' success - this is probably why many of our customers stay with us for several years, and at the same time are happy to recommend us as a supplier to their network.

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Vi tilbyde

We offer!


Free choice whether customers want to come up with leads themselves, or whether we have to generate them. We have access to Denmark's largest business database.


Inbound and outbound 

When your salespeople feel abused by being on the phone the whole day, getting nothing but a "no", use Delamar, we are equipped for it. If you don't have time to take your calls yourself, Delamar will be happy to help answer your incoming calls.

Business Presentation

Sparring with companies

If you lack new input to optimize the sales process in your company, Delamar has more than 40 years of experience in setting up and effectuating your ad campaigns so that they become a plus in your everyday life.

Work from Home Setup


Do you have the product but lack the sales effort ? Delamar can help you with our services. Delamar your external sales force, always successful.

Hvad siger kunderneom os

"We started working with Delamar in November 2022, where they had to make  appointments for our seller. Henrik has an employee who is
fully up to par with what we need.
Delamar's employee has previously worked in the construction industry and has a reasonable insight into what it is we sell and gets a good dialogue
with the customers. The seller and the customer are thereby prepared for the appointment and in most cases, we often know what the customer is looking for. We can recommend Delamar as a professional business partner who makes appointments with quality and relevance."

Brian Storgaard, S.D. Kjærsgaard A/S

"Through my ownership of Forsikringshuset ApS, I have worked together with Henrik Nielsen from "Delamar" for the last 4 years. It has been a good and professional collaboration which has borne fruit for both parties. Henrik has a good grasp of what insurance essentially is and how appointments are booked in this industry. He has also managed to find competent employees who, after good training, take pride in finding good leads for me. I am quite satisfied with how large a percentage of Delamar's appointments are converted into customers - and at the same time I always get good sparring about the challenges that may arise. I get a well-filled calendar of my choice. I hereby give "Delamar" my warmest recommendation and look forward to continued good cooperation."

Peter Købsted, Forsikringshuset ApS

"For the past six months I have used Delamar as a supplier of appointments for my debt collection company and have experienced some good, serious appointments with a very high sales rate. Delamar is not the company. who deliver the most meetings, but in return it is quality from one end to another."

A. Storm v/Allan Storm

What do our customers say about us?

Mød vores team

Meet our team

Our trademark is quality 

Get to know the team. Since we started in 2020, we have built a reputation based on providing exceptional customer service to everyone. Behind every successful venture is a talented group of special people who are deeply committed to that success. Read everything about the team, and feel free to get in touch with any further questions.

Bliv en del af os

Get the best job in the industry - become part of Delamar international Telemarketing... 

....for you who want to have fun when you go to work.   

      Is the phone your friend?

      Do you always strive to be the best?

      Are you tenacious and hate being second?

Then Delamar international Telemarketing is a good match!


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